Thursday, November 3, 2016

A Sweet Surprise and Community Learning

Our students continue to inspire us as we make our way forward together as a school community. Yesterday morning, our school day started with a "pop up" surprise treat for staff and students. Our Peer Leaders and their faculty advisors, Susan Bohmiller and Erica Cohen, provided hot chocolate and donuts as students came into school. It was lovely to see and experience some lightness and fun as students mingled before class. We are grateful to all who helped to make it possible.

On Tuesday during Advisory, we asked our students to check in with us and to share how they are feeling, what questions and/or concerns they may have, and what they might need at this time. As expected, we received a range of questions and responses as students experience the grieving process in a variety of ways, including those who feel comfortable and supported and those who continue to have questions or need more support. We'll be responding to students' questions during our next Advisory, and their feedback will continue to be helpful as we work to support them in the coming weeks.

Two Community Learning Opportunities
A reminder that Dr. Rob Evans will be with us this evening for a parent/guardian presentation titled Mental Health: Keeping Our Kids Safe. We hope that many of you will be able to join us at RJ Grey Junior High School at 7pm.

The ABRSD would also like to share the November "Expanding Our Notion of Success" Newsletter. The district's monthly communication presents an opportunity for our community to learn how to best partner in our PK-12 Challenge Success work. This month's message focuses on homework and includes the following:

In the spring of 2016, our district entered into a partnership with Challenge Success, out of Stanford University.  Challenge Success aims to "provide schools and families with the information and strategies they need to create a more balanced and academically fulfilling life for their kids."  The team at Challenge Success collaborates with educators, parents, and students to implement best practices and policies in areas such as assessment, homework, and schedule.

Our district is currently engaged in a number of important conversations about homework. We are focused on expanding the conversation from quantity and achievement to quality and engagement. Please take a moment to read our November Expanding Our Notion of Success family newsletter, which focuses on homework.