Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Glimpse into Midyear Week

Peer Leaders and Principal's Advisory Students provided a surprise ice cream social during midyears today

We are halfway through midyear week, and as I've talked with students over the past two days, they have shared that the pace of the week feels calm and manageable overall. As you know, this is our second year of providing a "pause" in the school year with a midyear week, and we have incorporated feedback from students, parents/guardians, and staff to try and make this week as balanced and productive as possible for everyone.

What I like most about this week is seeing students having downtime together between assessment periods. They are able to use the fitness center, both upper and lower gyms, and several study spaces throughout the building. Given our focus on wellness, it is great to see them taking advantage of the time and opportunities to relax and have fun together during the day.

As promised, we will be asking students for their feedback about the two-week pilot assessment calendar, as well as how the midyear week feels to them overall.

Thank you all for your flexibility yesterday with the weather-related late start. I know lots of students were happy to sleep in!